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Our extensive experience with air handling units, control panels, gas heaters, heating coils, DX cooling coils, chilled water coils, filtration, attenuation, mixing dampers for public, commercial and industrial buildings makes JetAHU the perfect choice

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Air handling units - AHU's

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Air handling units and JetAHU : What we do

Jet AHU Ltd delivers high quality Air Handling Units , AHU's, that are reliable, engineered to the highest standards and affordable.

Our range of Air Handling Units are designed to create a symbiosis of heat, ventilation and air filtration. The result is a perfectly balanced environment for people and industry.

At Jet AHU Ltd, we develop air handling units that combine the latest in engineering technology with specifically designed software control to deliver the complete solution.

For cooling we offer chilled water coils and DX coils, quality ahu construction materials, singular or modular base frame construction for both internal ahu's and external air handling units.

We offer a variety of popular heating types including hot water coils and gas-fired, including direct gas, indirect gas and oil or electric heaters. Heat recovery utilising a plate heat exchanger, thermal wheels or run around coils is available.

Customers can choose from a comprehensive range of fan types including centrifugal forward and backward curved fans, plug, axial or mixed flow fans. JetAHU customers can also choose panel and/or bag, carbon filtration or HEPA filters to match their filtration needs.

AHU inlet sections can be supplied with weatherproof louvre's, grilles or bird/insect mesh as protection against the influx of foreign bodies via the inlets.

A unique feature of Jet's high efficiency air handling units is an integrated control package and equipment.

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